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Unlock your inner forest fairy with these adorable Crystal Mushrooms, 2cm. These delightful mini crystals will bring a touch of magic to any space. Mushrooms are power symbols from long ago. They represent the powers of the world that exist abundantly but are usually unseen.   As they have a connection with modern and ancient art, they are a great inspiration. Mushrooms are also warm gifts to express care and love to family and friends.  LOVELY MUSHROOM SHAPE - Tiny crystals designed into mushroom shapes. Charming, giving people a feeling of being in nature.  DECOR - Great additions to potted plants, or simply to decorate any space. They have flat bottoms, allowing them to stand on their own.  PORTABLE DESIGN - The size of each mushroom stone is about 2x1x1cm, small and eye-catching. Carry them in your hands or in your pocket.  HAND-SELECTED HIGHEST QUALITY - Stones will vary in colour, so allow for imperfections which may include growth marks, surface scratches.  A PERFECT GIFT - Bless yourselves and your loved ones on special occasions for good luck and wealth.  Country of Origin : CHINA

Hand Carved Crystal Mushroom, 2cm, Rose Quartz

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